Course Materials

Resolve features materials for both the leader and those on the course. Have a closer look below, or head straight over to our shop.

Leader's Guide

This guide contains useful information for those wanting to run the course. This includes: an overview of belief & spiritual understanding within contemporary culture, session outlines, good leadership tips, practical ideas and a copy of the Delegate’s Guide included at the back.

Delegate's Guide

This book is a useful addition for those who are on the course — as a reminder of what was covered each week and as a prompt for those who want to go a bit further. Each session features; questions to discuss as a group, proffesional advice, experiments to try, a bible verse to think about, and space to journal.


Each of the four sessions has a 20 minute video featuring a short sketch and commentary from a psychologist, doctor, anthropologist, futurologist, faith leader and comedian. Our films are available as both a DVD and a digital download.